School Counselor of the Year Award

The School Counselors of the Year will be recognized at the LSCA Luncheon at LCA each year. Louisiana will select one overall School Counselor of the Year to be forwarded to ASCA for consideration of the National School Counselor of the Year Award.

The School Counselor of the Year Award honors the best of the best - counselors who are running a top-notch, comprehensive school counseling program. In addition to the recognition given to the recipient of the award, positive public attention is focused on school counseling and thus provides an opportunity to educate others about school counseling programs.

The purpose of the other four awards is to recognize professionals in the areas of advocacy, school-based administrator/supervisor, legislator, and writer.

The applicant must be employed as a full-time, practicing school counselor and have completed at least three years as a practicing school counselor.

LSCA Board members are ineligible for these awards.